to good kitties… and last days

when i was 20 years old i decided that i had lived long enough without a cat.  once a week for 3 weeks i visited a cat and her kittens at the pound on nine mile hill in albuquerque.  when the kittens were weened and old enough to adopt, i chose to take the only girl of the litter.  

over the past 13 years, elsinore has been my constant companion.  she has moved apartments with me more times than she can count on all four paws.  she has travelled to and from las cruces hundreds of times – complaining the whole 222 miles.  she has survived my insane roommates and the adoption of another cat and – gasp! – a dog.  she has been the best first kitty anyone could ever ask for.

bless her little pink heart, her body is failing her, even if her contrary spirit is not.  she is sick in her blood and bones.  we are going to start treatment this week to make her comfortable, but the kitty angels are calling to her.


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